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    6 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

    Tip #1: Create a complete profile

    There are a couple of reasons to have a complete profile. First, a complete profile provides information to customers about a company’s practices and any products or services they offer. Secondly, a comprehensive profile gets listed on a search engine index which means increased visibility for a website. Website owners should optimize their social network profile for better placement on an index.

    Tip #2: Continue to add “friends / followers”

    Adding friends and followers continuously is a must do because it increases an online business’s visibility on the social network. When a company has more traffic flowing to a social network profile page, the business ultimately receives more visibility on the search engines. The whole concept of promotional marketing is to get in front of consumers and make them aware that a business exists.

    Tip #3: Provide relevant content

    Consumers connect with a business online because they want to be updated about the products and services offered. For example, information about sales events, discounts and contests are terrific incentives that attract consumers. For example, businesses using Twitter can include links to informational articles, store coupons, and sales pages.

    Tip #4: Have consistent activity

    A business’s marketing objectives should include consistent activity on the social network. A Fan Page or Twitter profile is a business’s portal for interaction with consumers.

    Tip #5: Maintain a professional image

    Doing the little things such as responding quickly to posts submitted by consumers or saying “thank you for visiting” go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base. Additionally, maintaining a professional image when posting lets consumers know that you treat your business like a business.

    Tip #6: Set goals for each social network in use

    Goals are benchmarks for advertising strategies and should be monitored using web analytics. When using Twitter, set goals for the number of followers acquired. On Facebook, set goals for the level of interaction with customers. These are examples of information that website owners should know so they can determine whether marketing objectives have been met or not.

Seeing the Signs of Poor SEO Strategies

How do you know if a company is using old and ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Is it possible to scan the website and know that it fails miserably in its SEO tactics? Is it possible for you to know these mistakes even as a novice website user?

dominate in your business in BuffaloBefore we get to the poor SEO strategies, understand, first of all, that SEO takes such an intricate process and it is not something that can improve your rankings overnight. It is not a quick-fix solution that can help solve all your online marketing woes. Realize that to be able to find success in what you are doing. You must know that you need a lot of resources to be able to do SEO effectively. Resources referred here do not only pertain to finance, but also to time and effort. These resources are costly, and so you do not want to waste all these efforts just because you were doing things wrong all along.

Also, you must remember that SEO is not only about technicalities and programming, but also about common sense. No one-size-fits-all strategy can be applied to all types of businesses, and so if you are within the bounds of a Buffalo agency location, you must gear your SEO tactics that can help people find you. SEO is therefore effective if you can get the right formula for your business.

The best way to do SEO is first to do your research. Try searching for different keywords, and then get an idea of what the first-ranked pages look like. For example, if you have a Buffalo-based advertising agency, try searching for the following phrases: “advertising company in Buffalo, New York,” “Buffalo advertising agency” or “best advertising agency Buffalo, NY.” Check all sites that appear on the first three pages of your search, and list down your observations on what you deem as important. Many things make each website unique, so it is crucial for you to do your research and to analyze your strategies well.

While there are many things you should consider when planning out your SEO strategy, there are also things you must avoid, so you do not end up wasting your time and energy on all your marketing efforts. You may be thinking that strategies you have been adapting have been okay; however, you realize that they are not working for you.

Here are some of the poor SEO strategies that you must avoid if you want to improve your search engine rankings:

1. Publishing multiple listings

accuracy is the key in local listingsWhen you are a starting business, you may not have organized and planned out your marketing tools, thinking that anyone can do all the advertising as you go along with your enterprise after you secure the necessary licenses to operate. It is a wrong thing to do since you must build a good name online; therefore, there should be no room for mediocrity. You may have used different emails and have connected your brand to various Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Google My Business pages. At first, this may seem inconsequential, but in time you will realize that this is a big problem for your enterprise. You never want your audience to be confused with your company, so you want everyone to understand that you are ‘this’ business operating in ‘this’ city, with ‘this’ website, and with ‘this’ address and contact details. If you ended up publishing multiple listings, then you must delete the other listings as soon as possible.

2. Non-existent social media profile

small businesses should take advantage of social mediaIf you are a courier business, you may think that you do not need social media to boost your business’ branding. However, it can be surprising to know that social media is now an essential part of every company’s marketing effort. Social media does not choose an industry because its goal is to connect people. Therefore, if you want to be more personalized with your services and to get closer to your current and potential clients, it can be a good choice to put in a lot of effort in maintaining your social media accounts.

It’s hard to multi-task so if you can afford it, hire someone to do social media management for you. Make sure that the manager can answer all comments and messages promptly and in a professional manner. It is the best marketing tool if you can answer all your current and potential clients’ queries and suggestions.



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