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    6 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

    Tip #1: Create a complete profile

    There are a couple of reasons to have a complete profile. First, a complete profile provides information to customers about a company’s practices and any products or services they offer. Secondly, a comprehensive profile gets listed on a search engine index which means increased visibility for a website. Website owners should optimize their social network profile for better placement on an index.

    Tip #2: Continue to add “friends / followers”

    Adding friends and followers continuously is a must do because it increases an online business’s visibility on the social network. When a company has more traffic flowing to a social network profile page, the business ultimately receives more visibility on the search engines. The whole concept of promotional marketing is to get in front of consumers and make them aware that a business exists.

    Tip #3: Provide relevant content

    Consumers connect with a business online because they want to be updated about the products and services offered. For example, information about sales events, discounts and contests are terrific incentives that attract consumers. For example, businesses using Twitter can include links to informational articles, store coupons, and sales pages.

    Tip #4: Have consistent activity

    A business’s marketing objectives should include consistent activity on the social network. A Fan Page or Twitter profile is a business’s portal for interaction with consumers.

    Tip #5: Maintain a professional image

    Doing the little things such as responding quickly to posts submitted by consumers or saying “thank you for visiting” go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base. Additionally, maintaining a professional image when posting lets consumers know that you treat your business like a business.

    Tip #6: Set goals for each social network in use

    Goals are benchmarks for advertising strategies and should be monitored using web analytics. When using Twitter, set goals for the number of followers acquired. On Facebook, set goals for the level of interaction with customers. These are examples of information that website owners should know so they can determine whether marketing objectives have been met or not.

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  • Pay Per Click – PPC is a pretty good link building tool, and when traffic increases to your site it really doesn’t matter how they found you, they still might link to you.
  • Article Marketing – writing articles for syndication onto sites such as Ezine can really help, you see, the good article sites already have high ranking and you simply tag along.
  • Directories – there are thousands of web directories these days, and many of them are free. Its all about seeing and being seen by the spiders!
  • Link Exchange Sites – there are also thousands of sites which will help you to trade links with other relevant sites, but beware of these you could find yourself bombarded with everything from flower baskets to mobile phones to how to grow the perfect potato even if your site is about motor insurance!
  • Answer Questions – there are some really easy questions put up sometimes on places like Yahoo Answers, just answer them and provide a link to a relevant resource your website, brilliant!
  • Forums – many of the forums allow their members to include links. If you become a valued member of the forum with quality contributions, people will begin to trust you and are very likely to follow your link they might even buy something from you
  • Blogging – if you start a blog its a great way to get links, but remember, the only successful blogs are the interesting ones which are updated regularly, so don’t bother blogging for blogging’s sake you’ve got to mean it. Another idea is to make comments on other peoples blogs, (useful ones!), that way you’ll build up a network of blogging buddies and they can link to you.

These are just a few ideas about link building, how it can actually be fun yes, it can, and it really is the best way to increase your rankings so get to it.