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    6 Surefire Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

    Tip #1: Create a complete profile

    There are a couple of reasons to have a complete profile. First, a complete profile provides information to customers about a company’s practices and any products or services they offer. Secondly, a comprehensive profile gets listed on a search engine index which means increased visibility for a website. Website owners should optimize their social network profile for better placement on an index.

    Tip #2: Continue to add “friends / followers”

    Adding friends and followers continuously is a must do because it increases an online business’s visibility on the social network. When a company has more traffic flowing to a social network profile page, the business ultimately receives more visibility on the search engines. The whole concept of promotional marketing is to get in front of consumers and make them aware that a business exists.

    Tip #3: Provide relevant content

    Consumers connect with a business online because they want to be updated about the products and services offered. For example, information about sales events, discounts and contests are terrific incentives that attract consumers. For example, businesses using Twitter can include links to informational articles, store coupons, and sales pages.

    Tip #4: Have consistent activity

    A business’s marketing objectives should include consistent activity on the social network. A Fan Page or Twitter profile is a business’s portal for interaction with consumers.

    Tip #5: Maintain a professional image

    Doing the little things such as responding quickly to posts submitted by consumers or saying “thank you for visiting” go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base. Additionally, maintaining a professional image when posting lets consumers know that you treat your business like a business.

    Tip #6: Set goals for each social network in use

    Goals are benchmarks for advertising strategies and should be monitored using web analytics. When using Twitter, set goals for the number of followers acquired. On Facebook, set goals for the level of interaction with customers. These are examples of information that website owners should know so they can determine whether marketing objectives have been met or not.

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Four Important Considerations Before Deciding to Outsource SEO

Some businesses, particularly those that are not well-versed in the economics and strategies behind search marketing, view their SEO work as something that can be passed to internet marketing specialists or the nearest company that offers search engine optimization services. Sometimes, it is a good idea – businesses can optimize their time to focus on what they do best, while someone else worries about their search marketing strategies and search engine presence. However, sometimes businesses end up with something other than what they bargained for.

From PR disasters to being labeled as a spammer, there is a lot that can go wrong when online business owners go about their search marketing efforts with the wrong strategy. While some businesses are best off outsourcing their SEO efforts, others – particularly online companies – are often put in a more secure position by handling their search marketing strategies in-house.

Consider Factors when Outsourcing Your SEO ProcessThese four reasons should convince online business owners that in-house search marketing is not always a bad idea. While outsourcing SEO to internet marketing specialists and consultants can be valuable and incredibly convenient from time to time, it indeed should not be something that is always prioritized. When it can’t be avoided, though, there are a number of things to consider to choose the right search marketing company.

1. Bad Links for SEO Can Often Mean Bad PR

There is such a thing as having too many links, especially when most of them are not high-value. For authority websites looking to boost their search engine rankings, the best strategy is not to generate as many links as possible, but to ensure that only the highest quality links are received and online presences are maximized. Some unscrupulous internet marketing specialists and search engine marketing companies can end up putting an online business’ links in bad places, leaving the online entrepreneur with a PR meltdown if someone influential catches one of them.

2. Some Search Engine Optimization Services Don’t Consider Branding

No online entrepreneur wants their business to become known as a comment spammer. Some internet marketing specialists and search engine optimization consultants, particularly those that operate relatively shady services, tend to spam links indiscriminately with no real regard for the quality of brand-value. Whenever online entrepreneurs decide to outsource SEO, they should make sure that they view examples of work completed for previous clients – search marketing companies that know what they are talking about will be happy to let potential clients see links that they have generated in the past.

3. Some Search Engine Optimization Firms Outsource Themselves

There is no point paying full price for search engine optimization services when work is effectively being outsourced to the most cost-effective provider afterward. While many internet marketing specialists and SEO consultants present themselves very professionally, some will take any chance possible to keep costs down, minimize their direct workload, and use cheap labor to their advantage. If online entrepreneurs want to outsource to freelancers, it is best to do it directly to save money.

4. Basic SEO is Not That Difficult

If an online business website does not exist in an ultra-competitive niche, its owners can probably rank fairly well without the help of internet marketing specialists or a professional search engine optimization service. Using free tools that almost anyone can access, it is simple to scan competitors’ inbound links, work out how valuable their website rank is, and develop a strategy to overtake them in the search rankings. Before online entrepreneurs shell out cash for an external search engine optimization expert, they should look at what is going on in their niches. If websites can easily be pushed out of the rankings, they can easily go ahead and do it themselves.

Deciding to outsource SEO work to internet marketing specialists and consultants can be a very good move for an online business. However, the four factors above should be considered in order to choose the right search engine optimization company for the job.

Beyond SEO – What’s the Next Step?

As search engine optimization (SEO) becomes an increasingly competitive and saturated market, there is pressure on marketing activities to stand out from the crowd. Using SEO to enhance email marketing campaigns can optimize performance and therefore increase overall profits for a business, improving conversion rates and customer engagement.

But in an environment where companies send broadcast emails to their entire mailing list on a consistent footing, consumers have become desensitized by extremely random SEO email campaigns.

Emails will soon squander their influence as customers become more and more perturbed by off-base content and timing from unscrupulous practitioners. A large amount of email marketing operations also found wanting of the ‘personal touch,’ so both first-time audience and more loyal customers will receive less-than-tailored information. A leveled move toward building brand loyalty is the best way to avoid damaging your company’s relationship with its customers.

Email marketing vs SEOBroadcast mailing is a quick and cheap solution, but when emails are being spread on a “confetti” basis, there is a good chance that they will remain unread, be deleted or even worse, be unsubscribed. Companies seem to work with the philosophy that if they send out enough emails, a percentage of these will lead to sales, when in fact they could be doing more harm than good by frustrating and annoying their recipients.

If done accurately, more relevant and targeted email campaigns can increase a business’s net profits by an average of eighteen times more than just using a broadcast mailing approach to potential customers (according to one of Jupiter research’s reports, 10 Quick Wins for Email Marketing).

To optimize the potential of an email marketing campaign, it is important first to clearly identify and classify visitors to your site by monitoring their behavior. You can take a snapshot of the choices a visitor has made and store this customer data in a format that is easy to utilize. This means that it is now possible to begin communication, ensuring that the information is relevant to the individual and the contact is time appropriate. It is important to remember that once you have begun communicating with the visitor, it is vital to maintain this relationship and react to their changing interests.

In order to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, it is critical that the right information is monitored and used correctly. It is also imperative to make unsubscribing or opting out of unwanted emails an easy process. This will avoid the damage to the brand if customers who aren’t interested still think you care enough to give them the choice. Managing the cascading flow of relevant and timely information from site visitors can mean the difference between a successful and a wasted email campaign. Like any CRM campaign, it is important to demonstrate that you know and understand your customers so that they see all aspects of your company in a positive light and keep you front of mind.

Consumers Still Switch Off to Marketing Messages Online

It’s now fairly well accepted that simply broadcasting marketing messages using email, social media – or other channels for that matter – is no longer the best way to get your point across and build strong relationships with customers. It’s not like this has ever really been the case, but brands can’t get away with it anymore since consumers have come to expect so much more when interacting with the companies they love.

Online marketing messages need to be streamlined to hit the targetHowever, according to the results of a new study from ExactTarget and CoTweet, it seems that for all of the proclamations of the social media bubble about ‘new ways of thinking,’ many businesses are still stuck in their ways. Or, at the very least, that consumers aren’t seeing the benefits of a more subtle approach to conversing online.

According to the survey, over 90 percent of consumers have unfollowed, unfriended or unsubscribed from communication with at least one brand on Facebook, email or Twitter because of irrelevant, too frequent or boring marketing messages.

Unsurprisingly this is supported by the fact that 77 percent of over 1,500 consumers asked admitted to being more cautious about providing their email address to companies in comparison to last year. A further 71 percent said that they were also more selective about ‘liking’ a company on Facebook as well.

Drilling down deeper into Facebook activity specifically, 51 percent of consumers expect that a ‘like’ will result in marketing communications from brands while 40 percent don’t believe it should. As a result, a huge 81 percent have either ‘unliked’ or removed a company’s posts from their Facebook news feed.

Jeff Rohrs, principal of ExactTarget’s Marketing Research and Education Groups, said that although people remain willing to interact with brands online, this is often taken for granted. “Consumers understand now more than ever that they are in control of marketers’ messages and will punish irrelevant, voluminous or boring messages by cutting off marketers means of direct communication.”

We’ve said many times that there are a few companies who ‘get it’ when it comes to the two-way nature of building rapport with people online, and many more than that don’t even know where to start (a sentiment that’s mirrored by Meanwhile’s Philip Sheldrake in his upcoming book, The Business of Influence). Because of this, the results of this survey are less than surprising but can be interpreted in different ways. Either brand just isn’t responding to the new expectations of consumers, a few bad eggs spoil it for everyone or that there’s still a need to educate.

For PRs, this doesn’t mean working independently, as the skills required to assist a client with their search or email strategy rarely sit naturally within the communications basket. But instead, working with specialists in various fields while helping to retain consistency throughout the overall marketing strategy. That’s where the opportunity lies.

How Startups Can Find Success Online

These days it is fortunate for small, medium, and big businesses to thrive online. Before, web advertising was only the domain of companies that can afford it. However, due to the leveling field that the internet has provided for everyone, even small businesses can launch their products and services as can be seen by people all around the world. It is then a growing phenomenon for companies to start online, rather than to build walk-in shops.

But because of the internet making it easier for everyone to advertise, it has also made it more difficult for companies to set themselves apart from the rest. There seem to be the same strategies online for everyone to follow, so businesses always have to innovate to keep them ahead of the rest. So, even if it is cheaper to launch a business online, it can also be more challenging and more expensive if you don’t know how to manage it well.

Here are top tips so you can set yourself apart from the rest, especially if you are starting with your business:

SEO to Success1. Know the principles of SEO

For example, if you have a bead jewelry business, you should not only focus on producing the best accessories. When launching online, you also have to take great photographs, videos, publish excellent write-ups, and know how to market yourself well. Even if you have the best product, if you can’t sell it well, then all the effort goes to waste. You should know the right SEO marketing tools, so your customers will know your product the way you want them to know it.

If you are a small business, finances are crucial, and so every expense should be well accounted for. You don’t want to spend your money on things that cannot help your business in any way, so make sure you know where to draw the line for marketing. Study the principles of SEO because if you do not, you may end up with needless tools that you don’t need.

You can always hire a San Diego search engine optimization consultant, but it is also important for you, as a business owner, to understand how online marketing works. You can’t have your staff trust you if you don’t know even have a basic understanding of how you will be able to sell your product and services efficiently.

It is important for every business owner to be the best with his/her products and services, so the focus should be on improving those. However, there should also be an understanding on the marketing side because it is a big pull to how your business can find its success.

the wow factor2. Publish “wow” content

These days it is not only important for you to post great written content. It is even more crucial to post well-taken photos and videos. The production process requires intensive labor, time, and resources, but to be able to produce quality pictures and videos are very useful for marketing your business.

As a start-up, you may have doubts as to the need to produce quality videos and photos because they tend to take up a lot of resources. However, you have to focus on the long-term result, and that is, a bigger audience that can learn more about your company.

You should stay consistent with your content, that’s why it is important for you to plan. Do not publish posts on the fly or just because you feel like it. Make the thought process a well-planned out one that can help you get the most out of your limited budget.

And when people comment on your published posts, proactively reach out to them and thank them for taking the time to message you. To ignore people taking the time to read your posts is one of the biggest ways to push people away.

Will Online Shopping Replace Retail Outlets?

Many people tend to think that online shopping is inherently cheaper than store shopping, although this isn’t always the case these days. While there are undoubtedly some areas that online shopping is better than store shopping, more often individual items should be assessed individually before you buy. Many items, in fact, are a similar price to those that can be found in conventional retail stores, although comparing costs is always a good idea either way.

Often prices for individual items may seem cheaper, although they later prove to be more expensive due to the shipping charges added on later. Shipping a single item is a lot more expensive for both the seller and the buyer in this way, although many savings can be made. If you order more than one item, and they are of a similar size, then often you can get the second item shipped either at a much-reduced rate or even for free. In this way, it is always better to buy more than one thing at a time to get the biggest savings from shopping online.

High Shipping Costs

If you are buying large items such as furniture or gym equipment, then the shipping costs can often be very large on many sites and can, in fact, make the prices comparable to just buying from a store. Often prices might seem very low until you add on the shipping charges, which is what some sites use to make their prices look a lot better than they are. Some sites include shipping for large items in their displayed prices, however, and these sites are the best to use to avoid any unwanted surprises about the overall costs.

Comparing different sites is always a must for getting the very best price on most items. Sometimes even the best online price won’t be as reasonable as prices you can get from some large retailers. For example companies such as Wal-Mart have such large buying power that they can sell specific items cheaper than even online-only companies can manage. Although these products are generally in the minority and are often loss leaders. They are always worth checking just in case.

Convenience & Time Saving

There are other costs associated with shopping in stores which there aren’t with online shopping. Often meaning it can be a little cheaper. These are things like the fuel needed to drive to and from the store. As well as wear and tear on your vehicle. Also if you know exactly what you want to order online, then it is a lot faster than having to go all the way to the store. Meaning it saves you a lot of time

Because many sites are based abroad which can be bought from, there are sometimes currency conversion charges to be considered. These are usually small percentages added on to whatever you are buying. Since they have to on very your money into the accepted currency of whatever site you are using.

These charges aren’t usually very much. If you are buying online in this way regularly, then the cost of having to convert your money constantly can start to add up really.

You get the best deals and wider choicesMore Choices

Sometimes the fact that there is a greater choice for many items online can mean that you can get things cheaper than shopping in stores. For example, if you wanted to buy a chair. There was only one furniture store in your town. Then you would have to pay whatever they wanted. You could just choose to from the brands that they stocked. However, if you shopped online instead, then you could look at a far higher range. You get what you wanted for much cheaper in most cases.

Many people when shopping tent to become distracted. Often ending up buying a lot more than they set out to, although this doesn’t happen so quickly with online shopping. The reason being that when you are looking for something in person. Then you can’t help but look at other things as well, leading to many impulse purchases. Online, however, you can search directly for what you want. You are taken straight there without having to see other things first unless you want to. So for the impulsive shopper, online purchases can often be cheaper as they take this habit away.

Downsides of Online Shopping

One of the downsides of online shopping, however, is that you can’t see what you are getting before it arrives. Other than a picture and brief description. Getting detailed information on an item is often difficult online. And you may end up with something which isn’t quite what you wanted as a result. In person, there are usually people that you can ask any questions that you might have to. Which makes this process a lot easier.

Often prices on newly released consumer electronics and the like are set by the manufacturers. These aren’t usually any different either buying them online or from a store. If you were to buy something slightly older, however, then they tend to retain their high prices longer in stores than they do online. The reason for this is often that the manufacturer drops their price. And the stores still have goods left over that they bought at the higher price.


Online merchants, however, aren’t affected by this as much as many of them are drop shippers. This means that when they get an order, the goods are taken not from their stocks. But directly from the maker, and shipped to the buyer. The manufacturer puts merely the shipped item in packaging from the website. Although, in effect, you are buying it directly from the source.

One of the main areas that substantial savings can be made online strangely enough. However, is not through everyday retail items, but from intangibles such as insurance or hotel bookings. The fact that the internet allows people to make these purchases a lot faster. It means that the companies need fewer people to deal with the customers. This then means that the customers can get these things for a lot cheaper.

Is Content Writing an Essential in Digital Marketing?

There are lots of techniques that can help us achieve a successful digital marketing plan. One of these techniques is content writing. Currently, more and more companies are giving importance towards content writing, and maybe there are reasons why. Is it essential in digital marketing? Are there benefits when a company prioritizes content marketing?

We are here to answer these questions, and as you read this article along the way, you’d get to realize its essence too. The only reliable replies to these matters are:

  1.  Yes, content writing has a pivotal role in digital marketing, and
  2.  Yes, there are benefits when a company prioritizes content marketing.

This is particularly the case for businesses and corporations that run and works within the online market.

Here are some of the reasons why content writing is an essential in digital marketing:

It entices audiences

good content drives visitors who seeks relevance to their searchWho wouldn’t a good read, right? An article with an outstanding quality content will certainly attract a target audience, depending on the topic that it tackles. Lots of people these days will not waste their time on something that doesn’t seem appealing or interesting. This is because they know that there are lots of options available on the internet. Digital marketing companies insist that whichever web visitors would find more convincing would be the first thing that they’d pick. Industry veteran Jason Berkowitz shared that people would want something that is original and trustworthy, not just because of the references but also because of how you present and write your content.

It provides possible interaction through user-friendly interface

One of the reasons why content writing is important is because it provides interaction within the audiences. For example, a blog that is easy to use and understand would certainly be preferred by the readers. Not everyone is a tech savvy and having such a complicatedly designed website will cause confusion and hesitation for audiences. It would make them uncomfortable, and it would simply drive them away from your blog or website.

Something basic, clean, but attractive is more than enough to keep it from being user-friendly. That’s why websites that incorporate social media accounts within the interface will possibly receive more comments, questions, and shares, from their audiences because it can be done with just a single click instead of having the need to sign up or register.

Quality Comes First

prioritize the engagement of your audienceContent writing has made its way on top because of the role it takes when it comes to search engine optimization. If you want your website to gain more traffic, more visits from audiences- it is critical that you should continuously provide high-quality content through blogging. This is one of the ways for you to get your way on the top results. One of the most popular and used search engines is Google, and during the recent years, Google has made lots of updates and changes on how they filter and provide their users with search results.

Google dismisses websites that provide low-quality content and does not offer a friendly interface for audiences. They have turned down the rankings of sites that do not pass their set of quality standards. Therefore, the higher the quality that your blog provides, Google would give you more top ranking.

However, it is not easy to get your way on top of the search results because almost anyone could create a blog of their own and they can drive traffic towards their websites if their topics are interesting enough for the people. The only way for a company or business to get through all of the other contents that are available on the web is through providing high-quality content and through constantly improving it even more for every update that you’d post.

It is also advisable that you should remove former articles or contents within your website that has a lower quality compared with the others. This would continuously rake up your rankings and would possibly increase a steady traffic on your website.

Seeing the Signs of Poor SEO Strategies

How do you know if a company is using old and ineffective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies? Is it possible to scan the website and know that it fails miserably in its SEO tactics? Is it possible for you to know these mistakes even as a novice website user?

dominate in your business in BuffaloBefore we get to the poor SEO strategies, understand, first of all, that SEO takes such an intricate process and it is not something that can improve your rankings overnight. It is not a quick-fix solution that can help solve all your online marketing woes. Realize that to be able to find success in what you are doing. You must know that you need a lot of resources to be able to do SEO effectively. Resources referred here do not only pertain to finance, but also to time and effort. These resources are costly, and so you do not want to waste all these efforts just because you were doing things wrong all along.

Also, you must remember that SEO is not only about technicalities and programming, but also about common sense. No one-size-fits-all strategy can be applied to all types of businesses, and so if you are within the bounds of a Buffalo agency location, you must gear your SEO tactics that can help people find you. SEO is therefore effective if you can get the right formula for your business.

The best way to do SEO is first to do your research. Try searching for different keywords, and then get an idea of what the first-ranked pages look like. For example, if you have a Buffalo-based advertising agency, try searching for the following phrases: “advertising company in Buffalo, New York,” “Buffalo advertising agency” or “best advertising agency Buffalo, NY.” Check all sites that appear on the first three pages of your search, and list down your observations on what you deem as important. Many things make each website unique, so it is crucial for you to do your research and to analyze your strategies well.

While there are many things you should consider when planning out your SEO strategy, there are also things you must avoid, so you do not end up wasting your time and energy on all your marketing efforts. You may be thinking that strategies you have been adapting have been okay; however, you realize that they are not working for you.

Here are some of the poor SEO strategies that you must avoid if you want to improve your search engine rankings:

1. Publishing multiple listings

accuracy is the key in local listingsWhen you are a starting business, you may not have organized and planned out your marketing tools, thinking that anyone can do all the advertising as you go along with your enterprise after you secure the necessary licenses to operate. It is a wrong thing to do since you must build a good name online; therefore, there should be no room for mediocrity. You may have used different emails and have connected your brand to various Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and Google My Business pages. At first, this may seem inconsequential, but in time you will realize that this is a big problem for your enterprise. You never want your audience to be confused with your company, so you want everyone to understand that you are ‘this’ business operating in ‘this’ city, with ‘this’ website, and with ‘this’ address and contact details. If you ended up publishing multiple listings, then you must delete the other listings as soon as possible.

2. Non-existent social media profile

small businesses should take advantage of social mediaIf you are a courier business, you may think that you do not need social media to boost your business’ branding. However, it can be surprising to know that social media is now an essential part of every company’s marketing effort. Social media does not choose an industry because its goal is to connect people. Therefore, if you want to be more personalized with your services and to get closer to your current and potential clients, it can be a good choice to put in a lot of effort in maintaining your social media accounts.

It’s hard to multi-task so if you can afford it, hire someone to do social media management for you. Make sure that the manager can answer all comments and messages promptly and in a professional manner. It is the best marketing tool if you can answer all your current and potential clients’ queries and suggestions.


The Power of Deep Linking on Search Rankings

deep links to improve rankingsDanny Wong, writing for, says you could be missing a huge element in your link building strategies entirely — namely, external deep linking. And you wouldn’t be alone. In his article “How External Deep Linking and More Content Can Boost Your Rankings“, he says that many businesses spend all their time optimizing their home page to rank for their high level keywords. As a result, all the external links go to the homepage, rather than supporting deeply-indexed pages.

Wong stresses that external deep linking has many benefits. First of all, it provides you with a more diverse link portfolio. The more links you have going to more pages, the more keywords you cover. In addition, links to deep pages increase rankings for medium- and long-tail keywords. Plus, by acquiring more traffic from these pages, your top-level rankings increase as well.

Wong also reminds us of the importance of continually creating unique content: “There is a direct correlation between better rankings and more indexed pages, as well as volume of links,” he says. In addition, he says that adding content benefits your SEO strategy in three ways. First, the more indexed pages you have, the more you are seen as a trusted source. Second, More pages means more opportunities for external links. Third, you have more opportunities to target long-tail keywords, which can increase both your traffic and search rankings.